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Aircraft Management

If you own an aircraft, or are planning to purchase one in the future, our aircraft management services offer you a wide range of benefits. You'll enjoy worry-free aircraft ownership and have the potential to gain additional revenue by adding your aircraft to our FAA Air Carrier Certificate.

Siegel Aviation always puts your needs first. We are a completely independent company.

We don't own fuel companies, maintenance businesses, or any other business that could put our interests before yours. Our aim is to get you the best price on fuel, hangar rental, and maintenance.

For your convenience, we charge one fixed management fee that covers all our services. In addition to management, the fee includes oversight, personnel administration, maintenance administration, scheduling and dispatch, flight logs and record keeping, and administrative labor costs.

To use your aircraft, all you have to do is pick up the phone. We can manage every aspect of planning and managing your trips, including arranging for pilot services if requested, fuel service, flight following, flight planning, airport reservations, ground transportation, and catering.

If you decide to put your aircraft on our Air Carrier Certificate, you can generate revenue to offset your cost of aircraft ownership. We will inform you of all the details of every proposed charter flight using your aircraft. You have the ability to disapprove any proposed charter flight of your aircraft. We will send you a monthly statement showing the aircraft's charter flight hours, and other essential data for the preceding calendar month.

Make aircraft ownership easy and let Siegel Aviation manage your important investment. Call (281) 259-7100 or email to discuss our management services.

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