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Siegel Aviation's Aircraft Broker Services were developed to make selling your aircraft as fast and easy as possible. We market and advertise your aircraft to help you find the best buyer for the highest market price.

We help busy executives, owners, and other individuals with minimal amounts of free time market and sell their aircraft. While other Aircraft Brokers tout both Premium and Discount services, Siegel Aviation offers 100% of our services to each client.

We handle everything from initial photography, aircraft logbook digitization, purchase inquiries, photo requests, sales contracts, and buyer initial training. Listed below is a complete list of our aircraft brokerage services.

  • We will evaluate your aircraft.
  • We will determine the current aircraft value.
  • We will review Airframe, Engine, Prop and Avionics log books.
  • We will digitize your log books so potential buyers may review them in the comfort of their own home or office.
  • We will develop an Aircraft Specifications Sheet.
  • We will list your aircraft on our on-line Aircraft for Sale Page.
  • We will advertise your aircraft in a number of national aircraft sales listings.
  • We will distribute aircraft photos and specifications as required.
  • We will respond to all inquiries via phone, mail, email, fax or in-person.
  • We will negotiate the sale of your aircraft.
  • We can provide an aircraft sales contract.
  • We can fly your aircraft to potential buyers.
  • We can arrange pre-purchase inspections, hull & liability insurance, appraisals and other services that may be required by the potential buyer.
  • We will provide all required FAA documents necessary to complete the transaction.

Aircraft Brokerage Fees

Siegel Aviation strives to be affordable for all of our potential clients. We offer premium services for an industry low fee. Our Aircraft broker fees range from 2% to 5% based on the final sales price of the aircraft. Contact us for a more accurate quote. Email us at or call (281) 259-7100 to sell your aircraft today!

Please fill in the form below to sell your aircraft.

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Please list all equipment including avionics, modifications, and interior/exterior conditions. We'll contact you for additional info and photos.

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