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Accelerated Private Pilot Course (15 Days)

Siegel Aviation's Accelerated Private Pilot Certificate Course prepares a pilot for Single Engine flight. Each day consists of about 7 to 9 hours of commercial flight education.

Siegel Aviation utilizes a syllabus to organize the course, but we are always flexible according to our students' needs. The day typically begins at 9:00am and ends at 5:00pm. If it is necessary, some lessons may extend into the evening hours. However, we do realize the students learn much better when their basic needs are fulfilled, so we always allow more than enough time for eating, sleeping, and general relaxation. We urge students to explore the city of Houston after a long day of flying in order to unwind from the rigors of accelerated flight education.

Siegel Aviation is extremely flexible when it comes to the aircraft used for this course. If you are an aircraft owner, we highly recommend using your own aircraft as it better prepares you for your real world experience upon completion of the course. If you are not an aircraft owner, Siegel Aviation offers a Cessna 152 for your use.

The cost of the Accelerated Private Pilot Program is $5800 when completed in our Cessna 152 and $2800 when completed in your aircraft. This price includes training materials, flight time up to 42 hours, all flight instruction, and all ground instruction. If the course cannot be completed within the hours advertised, the student has the option of paying for extra flight time at a per hour cost. In the rare event that this occurs, there is no additional flight or ground instruction charges. Above prices do not include housing or the practical test fee.

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