Accelerated Flight Training at Siegel Aviation

Accelerated Flight Training

Accelerated Aviation Courses prepare a pilot for Private Pilot flying, Instrument Flight, Commercial Flight or Educating Future Aviation Students.

Multi engine flight training

Regardless of the course in which a student is enrolled, each day of flight training consists of several hours of intense study. The day typically begins at 8:00am and ends at 5:00pm. If it is necessary, some lessons may extend into the evening hours. However, we do realize the students learn much better when their basic needs are fulfilled, so we always allow more than enough time for eating, sleeping, and general relaxation.

We urge students to explore the city in which you are training after a long day of flying in order to unwind from the rigors of accelerated flight education

*Siegel Aviation does not provide flight training. Click here for flight schools near you or here for flight schools that provide accelerated flight training.

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