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Multi-Engine Time Building & Additional Ratings

Are you looking for quality multi-engine time building? If you are looking to build multi-engine time, or get a multi-engine ratings, then you have come to right place to get the information you need. Multi Engine pilot in command time is very important to those who are looking to hire new pilots. Prospective new employers are able to decipher very quickly in an interview if you really have their minimum hiring numbers or not.

Multi engine time is so important that we encourage those who are looking to time build to go with a program that offers all Pilot in Command (PIC) time, not safety pilot time while another pilot is at the controls. Being a safety pilot will not help you gain the skills you need to prove to hiring employers that you are ready to start working for them.

Another aspect of that would greatly help you towards an interview is having real world cross country experience. Flying around your local area is good, flying a twin engine airplane across the country is better!

Multi Engine Ratings

A multi-engine rating adds multi-engine privileges to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate.

A multi-engine instructor rating adds multi-engine privileges to your existing Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate.

For a list of Flight Schools that provide Multi Engine Training and/or Multi Engine Time Building, Click here.

*Siegel Aviation, LLC does not provide any flight training. Information above is provided to educate perspective students about multi engine information.

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